Scripturally / historically not a single war or killing can be attributed to Christianity, so why has Christianity been made a scapegoat for wars?
We have not fathomed the Holy Bible
by reading it as often as we can!
Nations fight for Their Freedom not for Christianity!

Can there be a call for a Christian nation when Christ said he will set up his church?
Are Christians required to leave one nation to form a Christian nation or are they called to Heaven?

The church is not a temple nor is it a nation, rather it's a unique Diplomatic entity!
Thus Jesus said: I will build my church … against the gates of hell.

To find out read:

Reading these 66 books of the Holy Bible takes around 70 hours.

Nevertheless, Christians have to defend their nation of citizenship, where ever they may be.
Interestingly - Christians have dual citizenship - they are also citizens of Heaven.
Do we not have the responsibility to remove disinformation about Christianity, through the Word?
For clarification read:

The Holy Bible
Looking beyond Racism to Heaven!

While being patriotic, can we look beyond racism and nationalism, not only for the good of humanity but more so as citizens of Heaven.
Shouldn't we reflect the attributes of our heavenly citizenship?
To know more read:

The New Testament

Scriptures can be blurry - more so if one doesn't search them!

Love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, goodness, kindness, gentleness & self-control.

These are the fruits of the Holy Spirit, to be evident in a Christian!

Science by explaining human behavior helps clarify these fruits!

All scripture is given by inspiration of God .... Tim 3:16. *** Read:

challenge yourself often to a
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