Transparency of Religion

Can religion run amok when the UN can eliminate religious-wars! Transparency of scriptures can verify if religious devotees’ have genuine concerns or is religion being abused for political instability, for greed or to defame religion! Even so, a mere coincidence or purposeful creation:

  • Diverse religions have distinct “nation” goals. Scriptures can clarify nation/holy-war call with purpose and related laws. In advancing Human Rights Article 18, UN can negotiate / support registered religions territorial needs / claims, with World Heritage consideration.
  • Sincere nations can be role models and inspire other nations, and possibly reduce wars, misunderstanding and the abuse of religions. For tolerance and diversity, the UN can recognize nations that uphold UN’s Human Rights while practicing their religious laws.
  • From a New Testament side “Christian-nation” is not a goal—for distinct reasons! Thus, laws or holy-war is not a Christian tenet. Nations with Christian majorities have worldly-wars to preserve historical origins or for national and security goals—not scriptural goals.
  • Churches garner support for their nation’s worldly-wars—as acts of Patriotism. Such nations-wars are misjudged as religious-wars or holy-wars—Crusades included—without any scriptural directive. Is it truthful to portray Church Patriotism as religious zealotry?

Nations war! UN can alleviate the run amok religious suffering / injustice faced by many in our modern era. Kindly pioneer a UN Commission on Transparency of Religion to clarify territorial goals of religions with diverse laws, and prevent religions from aberrant abuse and defamation.