All of creation believe in the Almighty, even devils believe in God. However, what or how is your relationship with the Almighty?

Fathom the Divine seek to do simply as its name suggests through fostering the reading of the Holy Bible. Though the focus is the New Testament, to remove misgivings about Christianity that result in the misrepresentation of Christ Jesus, it also seeks to highlight the reading of the Old Testament, enabling the reader to set apart law and grace. Reading the scriptures often and entirely helps to grasp this, while building and confirming the faith.

From a worldly perspective, the US Constitution is 200+ years old and has gone from a 13 pages document to 20,000+ pages of federal law. Incredibly, the New Testament message or constitution is 2000 years old and is free from any such documents of law, as it is free from the establishment of religion. In Christ, freedom from the establishment of religion has given Christians the privilege to approach our Heavenly Father and much more through love rather than the fear of a plethora of laws and their adherence.

One may also sense that just as rest, love, joy and peace are the attributes of every household on our planet, Jesus conveys these attributes from a heavenly perspective for the children of the household of God. And some may even note: as one steps out of their house / household one is bound by the law! Through simply observations one can fathom the Divine privilege received due to Christ Jesus.

And, reading the Holy Bible in the lobby while my wife had her three hour dialysis (about the length of a movie) gradually led to the 28 Days Holy Bible Adventure, to fathom the Divine.

God Almighty created and gave life to fathom him!
Thus, how could God Almighty - the giver of life - be considered unbelievable or evil - by many of the Modern Intelligentsia?
More so, when Cain, the firstborn of man, killed his brother - committing the first murder!
Yet God did not do likewise as revenge.
Imagine, man began murder / killing and God is made the scapegoat!
Knowing better, we still look the other way and miss the message of life!
Are not Christians responsible for not conveying the truth and
is it because we do not fathom the Holy Bible?
God gave Jesus his son to bring us back to him so that we could grasp the life that he gave in the beginning and more to fathom him through the New Testament!
Do we not have the responsibility to find the truth by reading the Holy Bible?
Nation of Origin

The nation of origin of this scribe is Pakistan that marks its independence from Britain and separation from India as a major Muslim country on August 14, 1947, with huge potential! Its people are affectionate, while politics and religious anomalies can have their toll as in any country seeking laws or obligated thus. Our family had accepted Christ over a generation earlier.
Christ says: be merciful, as your Father also is merciful. Curiously, the Quran asserts - repeatedly, for a purpose - that God is merciful! Christians are and can bridge diversities between religions and nations by reflecting this attribute of God, while we have the privilege of not only loving others, but bless and do not curse; even ones enemies. Surely, we can be praying for others, including Muslims, more so, knowing that following Christ is a Holy Spirit born-again freedom of choice - not for all - yet exceptionally available freely!

Nation of Adoption.
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