Jesus accomplished his mission. Reading the Holy Bible multiple times clarifies this with its message and diversity. Was his message followed or did zealotry and abuse precede worldly-wars, crusades, colonization, slavery, etc. In reality, nations did these for worldly reasons: mainly defensive, economic and scientific progress! Transparency can clarify, Christianity from Jerusalem spread to Armenia, Ethiopia, Britain—before nations annexed Church and its spread! Though: Why are we here?


  • Humanity was dispatched to this world to seek Knowledge / Science when Adam & Eve ate from the tree of knowledge.
  • Jesus, the second Adam who was foretold then, later came to successfully restore believers from this fall and to Heaven.
  • Adams destiny is Knowledge / Science. To seek the Almighty reading his word clarifies our intricacy and why two Adams.
  • In two thousand years have we comprehend law, love and diplomacy as shown in the Holy Bible, and what’s for nations?

"28 Days Holy Bible Adventure" emerged from reading the Holy Bible during my wife Ruth's dialysis of three hours. Requiring about 10% of one's daily time (2 hr 24 min or a movie of 144 minutes), each section indicates its approximate reading time, incorporating both the Old and the New Testaments in biblical sequence—with daily Psalms and Proverbs.

Currently Under Review: Listen to Genesis Chapter 1

Download Reading Sheet - pdf:

Download Reading Sheet - pdf:

The e-book utilize the KJV and is available on via the book’s images (paperback / POD books can be custom ordered over a 2-4 week period).