Jesus accomplished his mission successfully. How could this have been overlooked to accept there were reasons to conquer, kill, persecute or punish for Christianity? Reading the Holy Bible multiple times clarifies this, with its diversity and message. Nations have worldly wars for defensive and worldly reasons, including economic and scientific progress.

Adam and Eve ate from the knowledge tree—mandating knowledge / science for all. Science reveals the complexity of God’s creation however to grow in the knowledge of the Almighty reading his word clarifies the wars and laws of our world and why two Adams. Humanity is stuck to the first Adam, but freed spiritually to be born of the second Adam!

"28 Days Holy Bible Adventure" arose from reading the Holy Bible during my wife Ruth's dialysis of three hours. Requiring about 10% of one's daily time (2 hr 24 min or a movie of 144 minutes), each section indicates its approximate reading time. Psalms and Proverbs are part of the daily reading that includes both the Old and the New Testaments in biblical sequence:

“Discover New Testament Freedom” is simply a 14 days New Testament reading option requiring about 70 minutes daily or an aggregate of 16 hours or two business days. Nations kill for their survival! Jesus’ message is life and nothing in the New Testament contradicts this, as no one is directed to take a life due to or for Christianity. Reading it clarifies this and much more:

View a day's reading in pdf:

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Download Reading Sheet - pdf:

The e-book utilize the KJV and is available on via the book’s images (paperback / POD books can be custom ordered over a 2-4 week period).